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9 Ways To Get Gold in KoGaMa | KoGaTutorial #2

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9 Ways To Get Gold in KoGaMa | KoGaTutorial #2

Hey! I made a tutorial of “How To Get Gold in KoGaMa”.
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KoGaEvents: discord.​gg/2P3jZd5

KoGaMa Forum:

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  1. 2:09: You must report the bug in the official KoGaMa *FORUM*. I made a mistake, sorry

  2. Number 10: Never trust about scams and copy-pasta gold messages

  3. Really good, now I understand why your busy, I think you should make: How to make good logos, for example yours! 😀

  4. This font is making me dizzy 🤪 Awesome video! Keep your work up! ❤️

  5. Thanks for not contributing anything new 😉

  6. Actually the prices arent very high at buying gold so if u have a card just go for it

  7. Can you put a guide of using oben bucks when buying gold?

  8. Thank you!!Now I can buy new avatars & learn to build them. Arigato!!!

  9. Hey, about our model.. How we claim the gold? Or it will automatically claim it?

  10. I cannot receive my 2 gold due to the fact kogama is telling me I have an adblock, but I dont, guess I cant get my 2 gold

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