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“Arrow challenge” Walkthrough | Kogama GOTW Walkthrough #15

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Today I play “Arrow challenge | NEW GAME!!!” by Cyart and MohammedK494. A logic map, not too easy nor too hard. I liked it, I also hope you’ll like the video! 😀

Helper: MohammedK494 –

From today, I’ll try to upload at leat 2 GOTW Walkthrough videos per week.


  1. Getting better! The game is good, and so is the video.

    P.S. Is your machine good enough to manage THE HOTEL game that just won, I need a walkthrough for that!

  2. Kurcze fajny pomysł na gierke oraz spoko film 👍 Ogólnie będziesz kiedyś nagrywał jakieś inne gry?

  3. With your tutorials,i think in 2 months,we will have games like roblox. SO FUCKING GENIIUUS

  4. Cool video! Sinx, I would like want to tell me: What app did you use to record Ur Videos? I used bandicam, and it lagged more than ever. Same for ActivePresenter

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