Back To Wonderland / KoGaMa Game Trailer 1 -

Back To Wonderland / KoGaMa Game Trailer 1

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Made by the creator of “Hogwarts Magic Adventures”, “Friday the 13th: A Horror Night” and “Jaws: Beneath”, BlueHints has a whole new adventure ready for you.

In “Back To Wonderland” you’ll be able to choose which team you fight for: the White Queen or the Queen Of Hearts.
You will select this at the beginning of the game.

After that, you’ll explore a massive open-world based on the Alice In Wonderland books and movie adaptations.
You’ll meet a lot of very unordinary new friends.

But be careful while you’re on your adventure: Wonderland has been plagued by a war for the past couple of years.

Do you have what it takes to win?


  1. Looks interesting, definitely going to check it out.

  2. man I liked the comeso in the top nice trailer

  3. nose porque el mapa me recordó ala película de Alicia el país de las maravillas xd

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