Charlie Clips into the Backrooms | Escape the Backrooms -

Charlie Clips into the Backrooms | Escape the Backrooms

Moist Charlie Clips
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0:00 – Escape the Backrooms
1:21:37 – Just Chatting
1:26:28 – Deadly Night
3:18:02 – Rocket League

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  1. I accidentally got through level 0 in 69 seconds

  2. “No we’re playing Roblox today”-Charlie

  3. Charlie getting pissed is the funniest thing about this. The creatures look terrible

  4. charlie after falling thru into the back rooms: thanks for the tier 1 sub guatemalapolice361

  5. Of course everyone one is brain dead in the morning. IT'S THE BLOODY MORNING!!!

  6. two things i truly dislike about charlie (as well as a large majority of his viewers) is how pessimistic and close minded he is, he constantly complains about the quality of a $10 game and makes sly jokes about how stupid every mechanic is, if it's so terrible shut the game off rather than whining for 5 hours, maybe i'm just not into the negative energy. and as far as being close minded one example is when he brought up the antivac thing, he provided no evidence and prolly never read a study to back up his claims that injecting things into your body you know nothing about is a good idea. ive noticed this with most of the claims he makes and he just writes off opposing view points as idiotic, which eliminates productive conversations, just another 5'6 sigma male dork, without youtube he'd be nothing and it seems like it would be miserable to spend time with him, just not my type of content ig, which is weird because i usually enjoy dry humor, but when it comes from him it annoys tf out of me, best of luck though homie, he's getting his money, so i can't knock that

  7. charlie thought that was the end of the game. that's a backrooms level, not a "nice neightbourhood" lol. I see why it's an early access game. looks promissing as hell

  8. The scariest thing about this game is the constant limited stamina you fight throughout. Otherwise it definitely is a visually appealing game as far as the looks go.

  9. I really enjoyed playing this game with my friend but I can definitely understand someone not being into it at all

  10. The pull of the game is for those that were already fans of the backrooms extended lore. The origins are from a 4chan post, and has been heavily extended on. The game is definitely rough and actively boring, but is also still under active development.

  11. I played this game myself. And i gotta say, it's pretty fun to speedrun it. I literally play the game only to speedrun in it or maybe play multiplayer if i feel like it. Though this is like an alpha version of the game, cause the creator is still working on it and adding more content to it and ideas. He has like a community as well to give him suggestions on it. So this could turn into a good game once it's finished, who knows?

  12. My mental could not process the fact that he is the one actually playing SO MANY FREAKING TIMES.
    My mind doo doo.

  13. the vhs tape level entity made me lose faith

  14. Charlie entering the balloon area "now the fun starts"

    me pathetically knowing backrooms lore "It's party time"

  15. Also, The Backrooms as a concept could be a good game if it had more funding behind it, but Charlie complaining about empty rooms…. Yeah I mean that's the entire point of the Backrooms. A better dev could put like survival mechanics, but at the end of the day, The Backrooms are just liminal spaces i.e. empty rooms.

    Lotta things u can criticize about his game, more than u can praise actually, but complaining about empty rooms in The Backrooms is like complaining about too much shooting in COD. It's what it's built around.

  16. Game has potential but it needs a little more polish and maybe more of a survival aspect past just the entities

  17. So a few years ago maybe a year and a half ago I had a dream about the back rooms before I knew it existed. Really tripped me out when I discovered what the hell it was.

  18. the fact Charlie will be not paying attention cracks me up, like yeah man you gotta pay attention while playing a game so you can avoid dying in a one way hallway.

  19. This game lacks a lot of polish tho I understand it’s hard to do. It’s just annoying not scary at all.

  20. This has to be the funniest Escape the Backooms playthrough i have ever seen. Props to Charlie for making his playthrough as fun as it is.

  21. Obligatory joke about the length of the video being a clip

  22. Tediousness is Charlie's hell so escape the backrooms is Charlie's hell

  23. Yo, mind if y'all complied all fo the vods in a playlist ?

  24. he should try the roblox backrooms game (Apeirophobia) it is 10x better than this and its free

  25. It's a shame that so many people have ruined what the real argument should be. It shouldn't be about anti-vaccination, it should be about safer and logical vaccination, pharmaceutical company accountability. It cannot be denied that there are harmful ingredients in vaccinations (companies like Pfizer are not your friend, I promise).

    Ignoring that, in lower quality vaccinations used in poorer countries –with lower quality things such as sewage infrastructure–, there is sometimes a large issue with something called shedding a vaccine, which can in turn actually cause outbreaks itself. It's happened in places like Kazakhstan with Polio and oral vaccinations, if you'd like to look it up. This is just one small example of the largest proven preventative in Human history; simple cleanliness. Better sewage, diet, hygiene, etc. You cannot live in a cesspool and expect a vaccine to save you.

    Now back to my point earlier; safer and more logical vaccination. Have you seen the vaccination schedule of an infant-6mo. and what those vaccines are? If not, look it up and try telling me you think a child -that doesn't even have a developed immune system- needs all of them.

    Next, the ingredients. One of the most common ingredients in vaccination is aluminum salts/gels. These are added as essentially 'immune system provokers'. I don't know about you, but my immune system would be provoked too if I injected myself with something my body didn't like, and a toxic metal is likely one of those things. That's where we get into relatively common side effects of vaccination across the board. Guille-Barre Syndrome; when your immune system attacks itself. Why would a vaccine make my immune system do this? Surely nobody would think it must be an issue with their body and not the vaccine right?

    I could get into doctor/hospital kickbacks, malpractice, pharmaceutical safety trial data falsification, the long history of bad medical practice/science, etc. but at the end of the day what else is there to say to anyone that has even made it this far without raging at their screen?

    Good luck everyone. We need it.

  26. damn man if i were playing this game i'd be falling asleep, even as a viewer. if you have 10 dollar to spend and having trouble falling asleep, this is a perfect game for you and it would be the best 10 dollar you'll ever spend.

  27. Wow they really killed everything scary about the backrooms…
    0 tension and that ”smile-scare” is directly from an old SCP-stair walking game from years ago lol

  28. My god, the backrooms game surely is boring af jeez

  29. charlie wondering how people can be scared by this is like me wondering how charlie can think a jalapeno is too spicy

  30. I would've given up at the second level lmao. It almost seems like a game that's intentionally designed to piss off the players.

  31. I can't believe the hype that surrounds this game…

  32. There is no room for error evading any of these monsters and the result is why the red hallway segment lost all of its tension quickly. Because at that point it just becomes trial and error and all your suspension of disbelief goes out the window. Not being able to recover from a mistake by playing well just sucks, and reinforces learned helplessness. With some play testing and tweaking, this game could be way cooler for those that enjoy the back rooms lore.

  33. inside the backrooms was fun to play with friends, had to fight for my life after i made them play escape the backrooms with me

  34. The backrooms is a much scarier idea without all the monsters. Cool music though.

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