CollectionService usage and how to use systems together | Roblox Studio -

CollectionService usage and how to use systems together | Roblox Studio

Roblox Studio in a Minute
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In this video I showed how you can use CollectionService with systems you have like the sliding doors I showed. CollectionService is a core service for most of the mainstream frameworks which are being used in professional Roblox game development.

Topics in this video:

00:00 Explanation of why you need CollectionService
00:40 Converting the old script to a CollectionService script
01:04 Some CollectionService functions and events
01:23 Two methods of tagging objects
02:18 Demonstrating single script object management
02:43 Other CollectionService methods

Helpful resources:
+ CollectionService class:

Official Roblox Developer Forum (one of the best places to get help from other developers):

Roblox Documents Hub (find all information about Roblox API here):

Roblox Talent Hub (find co-workers or your next job/commission on Roblox here):


  1. I appreciate these videos! I didn't know about this channel until a random google search for protecting remote scripts, but you've got quite a few videos answering some of my questions. It would be appreciated if you posted a sample place of the demos you did in your videos though! The short-format makes it hard to analyze the code and how you use it.Please post more!

  2. You are the best! I've been searching a method to insert tag without plugins!! Thanks sir

  3. Hey I have a doubt, I'm making multi ai and I ant to set the v value to an existing variable "ai" but due to hierarchy order, it's only works on one ai. How do I fix this??

  4. I'm sorry but you're extremely underrated.
    You deserve more views.

  5. How do you change the material manager to the previous one? its giving me problems i cant simply just apply a material it pisses me off plz help.

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