Deokdam's DEATHLESS week for DAMWON / LCK's chronobreak heartache - Monte & Wolf Show S1E5 -

Deokdam’s DEATHLESS week for DAMWON / LCK’s chronobreak heartache – Monte & Wolf Show S1E5

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The Monte and Wolf Show is the only weekly League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) podcast, hosted by Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles and Wolf Schröder.

In this week’s episode, Monte and Wolf discuss the pause and chronobreak drama with T1 vs Hanwha Life, KT’s 2-0 week and Aiming’s ability to hard carry the team, the solid drafts but unpredictable play of Kwangdong Freecs, DAMWON KIA playing through bot lane, DRX stumbling without Kalista, and more.

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This episode was filmed on July 17th, 2022.

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0:00:00 – Big pauses during T1 vs Hanwha Life

0:34:31 – Middling Team of the Week: kt Rolster

0:49:48 – kt Rolster vs Kwangdong Freecs

1:01:54 – DWG KIA

1:12:10 – DRX vs T1



  1. It doesn't matter because team from LPL will win Worlds again🤔🤔🤔

  2. Monte wants to be lck commissioner so hard. It’s a good idea. Just say that.

  3. T1 should be banned, they definitely cheated

  4. Incredibly shit it happens but Joe Marsh's response to it on twitter is so entitled and reminded me of a Karen, maybe I'm just biased against him

  5. If this Guma stuff happened to anyone but T1 it would be a non issue. But I do want T1's wish to be granted and have refs check the runes and summs every game. Imagine some LS motherfucker pausing every game and chastising the players.

  6. Still don’t get what ref’s duty are. At least what I though refs should be 1-on-1 monitoring at every player screen for any irregularity thus the refs should be able to spot either the rune bug or the smite bug right away. If not so how different are the refs to a normal viewer if they are not going these extra steps? Plus there should also be another set of refs to monitor the voice comms to find anything suspicious.
    The players job is only to play the game, defending so-called “competitive integrity” by identifying bugs is the refs job, not the player.

  7. is there another esport that is as riddled with bugs as league?

  8. I Think the problem with Rascal is his mindset getting infected being on GenG. because no matter how good the other laners were the shit team always had to play around ruler after laning phase ends. this guy was soo good in DRX b4 he joined Geng and was performing internationally as well (albiet it was riftrivals) compared to his world performance on GenG were he is holding his ult on Kennen just so Mr. Ruler can land 2 more autos. This shit org has made players like BDD and Clid turn into the shell of their former selves too when you had BDD being so good in KZ and had one of his best splits at KT as well but now he is just sad to watch.

  9. I think vicla is really good and did really well in summer as rookie.
    dk is still scary for t1 and gen.g imo, they have a potential to upset them in b05.
    kt, drx and lsb will fight for 4th seed of lck, Drx has a experience advantage in b05 but lsb bot and jgler are better in terms of mechanics and performance.

  10. the worst thing about those things that happened is how LCK handle it, instead of just do meaningless apologies and move on, they choose to throw the players under the bus.

  11. How can Wolf say Kwangdong have been the most disappointing team for him a large margin when Nongshim exist?

    He himself said he was expecting Nongshim to get top 3-4 and look at Nongshim’s results.

  12. Imagine in any other sport the field or court is set up in a way to give someone an advantage. Then you blame that person instead of who set it up that’s crazy.

  13. KDF is the anti-T1, great drafts but can't execute them whereas T1 find win-cons in botched drafts and win through better hands anyway

  14. I dont want a superleague but I do want a superteam consisting of the best parts of LSB, DRX, KDF and KT. They each have such obvious flaws but some really big strong points.

  15. I thought the problem was that they did chornobreak instead of remake HLE know where oner was
    HLE midlaner immediately went to his jungler red after the chornobreak beacuse they knew oner will be there
    What if oner died that there beacuse HLE had new information

  16. Is Monte still a huge T1 fan?? I remember him in season 6 with the god damn T1 train whistle was so hype the T1 bandwagon conductor.

  17. Lck still the best league. Okey they did some mistakes, but overall they put a lot of work. For example they managed to get finals with players on stage during covid start, and it felt so good.
    They always tells story in the finals. Games reviewed by former pros so despite some flaws, lck is soing a great job.

  18. Still just goofy Monte acts like this shit doesn't happen in sports LITERALLY every season. Think back to all the amazing Brady, Montana, Favre, Rodgers, Mahomes, Jordan, LeBron, Mcguire, Silva, etc plays/actions that completely shit on what was "supposed" to happen. Stop believing in what you think is pre determined and watch what actually takes place.

  19. 4-10 Best team in the LCK Kiin,Croco,Zeka,Prince,Beryl and worst Dove,Ellim,Vicla,Teddy,Hoit

  20. Really enjoyed this episode! Thanks for the insight and opinions being thrown around, and for keeping the conversation fun but still on topic. Cheers Monte/Wolf 👍

  21. Nongshim is if KOO/ROX didn't work out. A roster made of rejects and failing to make any impact on the scene.

  22. For the rune bug: The refs dont need to know the runes, they have footage of what all players chose. So maybe riot just checks the runes ingame at 0s and this situation never happens again. The bug is their fault and not the players in this instance

  23. Probably doesn't help the ref decisions that most of them are glorified fans who know someone from riot or one of the leagues.

  24. I swear league refs are just going through the motions, I'm sure 95% of them didn't even think the day would come where they would have to actually do something, so they didn't notice the smite bug.

  25. The amount of solo kills Nuguri get on Sejuani is crazy

  26. Is there any doubt that the comissioner is a Reginald type of dude that is actually friends with Marc Merril but knows that the spotlight can only bring him problems?
    He is probably another "one of the gang" with all those MFers that are in Riot's org.
    He probably cannot be fired for knowledge of the shit Riot does BTS, and if no one know's who he is they can even say that they've changed him without doing anything, and the guy gets the paycheck.

  27. 35:46 NO WOLF!!!! NOOOOOOO

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