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Dice Plays Spook-tastic Kogama Games

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In this Dice Plays video, we’re playing Spooktastic Kogama Games!

This Halloween, we’re playing some spooky, Kogama games, and we hope you enjoy watching! These Halloween Games are pretty Popular and it’s really fun to play! Calling all retro gaming enthusiasts! Embark on a journey through time with primal rage of Sega game online. From iconic platformers to intense beat ’em ups, platform hosts a treasure trove of classics waiting to be discovered. Step into the shoes of your favorite characters and relive the golden age of gaming. Be sure to check out our other Dice Plays videos to see how we play other games *On Kogama*


  1. Hi, I'm the creator of the first map The Case: Ghost House Thanks for playing. 👍In the house you can find a map (pick up item) that gives you an arrow to a hidden cave and the map opens the door. There is the main part of the game where you have to do 4 hard levels.

  2. "Dice Doofus"
    Pretty funny to hear you say that

  3. I'm eating pizza while watching this video

  4. This is actually a great video, Dicey. I liked it when you played KoGaMa! Glad you're returning to it.

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