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Easy XP – Game Tier collections (6848 Free XP!) – Kogama

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I had an idea to make a video like that. I know that there are so many players in Kogama that want to level up fast, so why not to help them? 😀

Maps that I’ve played:
Sonic Parkour| 10 lvl’s (Preview) –
Tourist / Parkour –
Fiat 126 / Parkour –

I hope you liked the video!

Views milestones:
10,000 – 07.08.2020
20,000 – 15.06.2021


  1. I had to use this to level up my account for my clan. Thanks a ton!

  2. Thanks! this really helped me 🙂

  3. The games that are in discreption no longer exists lol

  4. Guess why I'm a real kogama pro..I'm on Android ..never die in parkour

  5. My game Sonic Parkour! I didn't know that somebody is gonna know that there's a portal that goes to a place with many crystals.

  6. Accept my friend request mohammedk494 is my account can we both make a game

  7. Surv? XD. Where Kogama Quasar, Kogama Cyclic, Kogama Sunix, Kogama Dolphy, Kogama nSwish XD??

  8. Wow! 500 views in 1 week! Thank You so much!

  9. Teraz tam na sonicu trzeba zebrać 60k kryształów 🙁

  10. A co jak nie moge zebrac krysztalow bo sa za male?

  11. So like, cant we just create our own map and put those crystles and play it and then get all those crystle

  12. i would like to say this keep up the good work

  13. amazing
    but i cant play it with the launcher
    my pc is so slow to play in browser :,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,(

  14. el link 2 y 3 no te llevan a ese juego!!!

  15. thank u soo much that helped me alot😀😀😀😀😀😃😃

  16. Kogama is the best game more than roblox i hate roblox its my fav on 2019 but now not anymore i change my game into Kogama


  18. Good! That's hackless! That's a good hint!

  19. why cant i collect gema, in "standalone", i tought that it means i cant be alone in a game, so i invited a friend, but it still didnt work, any help?

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