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Every 1 second of KoGaMa’s 100th oldest games (21 games)

Ed Herrera
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The reason why there is only 21 games its because most of them is error 500 page
and the reason why i show the nonexist page is because im bored lol

Used with Screencastify

PublicPlanet-0 (/play/2)
Home World (/play/3)
Runner (/play/19)
Trial and Error (/play/22)
Planet1 (/play/24)
PublicPlanet-1 (/play/27)
planet jones (/play/38)
Paris (/play/39)
Netto (/play/45)
NBK (/play/49)
mortens planet (/play/52)
woka (/play/53)
test (/play/57)
PublicPlanet-2 (/play/58)
PublicPlanet-3 (/play/73)
loom (/play/75)
Neen (/play/77)
Pixel Figures (/play/80)
Valdis test (/play/83)
morten (/play/84)
Jumper Game (/play/59)

To enter these games, copy this link first: ””
Then choose those part of link in credits to insert this, this is how you do this when inserting another part:

Then you’re done, press enter.

Example: (this will take u to game: Home World)

If you have problems with this, double check the number and credits

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