How To hack Kogama using Tampermonkey on PC/MAC (No apps needed!) -

How To hack Kogama using Tampermonkey on PC/MAC (No apps needed!)

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In this video, I am showing u how to hack kogama using tampermonkey and the great thing is that it doesn’t require any apps. this not that a PVP hack it’s more of a cubegun hack this hack focus on cube gun more. Hope u enjoyed the video 🙂
I will be doing how to use this hack and whats its purpose until then goodbye.


  1. Music used in this video- Dirty Palm – Oblivion (feat. Micah Martin) [NCS Release]

  2. works i used it to destroy the people who made me mad hahahaha

  3. dude but In my pc it doesn't shows tampermonkey I mean I added it in extension but its not showing in google chrome why dude pls help

  4. Bro 724 views…..

    Keep it up!😄

  5. "no apps needed"

    shows how to download a extension app

  6. thank you thank you so much now i be happy now

  7. where i can find kogama console i tampermonkey?

  8. it doesnt work pls help me i am doing right click to menu and it does nothing

  9. thankyou so much bro its really helpful u are awesome dude

  10. When I use the ccript then join a game it keeps saying error in the game and aants me to rejoin everytime

  11. it kicks me out pls reply 🙁 and i cant do it

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