How to Install KoGaMa Launcher-KoGaTutorial -

How to Install KoGaMa Launcher-KoGaTutorial

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Hey Guys!
Today i will show you how to download KoGaMa Launcher
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➤ How to Download KoGaMa Launcher 0:26
➤How to Uninstall KoGaMa Launcher 2:08

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  1. what i do if i open it and it teleports me to www site?

  2. how install kogama with no WebGl version

  3. It says download a feature app to run ur launcher but i like this video

  4. I downloaded the game and when I enter it says 'disconnected'

  5. sometimes when it won't start installing, right click the file and click "repair", after that it should work

  6. I have Infinite loading when i enter in a game , what i have to do?

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