How to play Kogama: 2 Player Tron - Best Game For Kids -

How to play Kogama: 2 Player Tron – Best Game For Kids

Game For Kids
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How to play Kogama: 2 Player Tron – Best Game For Kids

Play Team Deathmatch games with other players in the Kogama world! Choose a side, and prepare for 3D battle. You must enter the transporter to start the match. Find a weapon, and shoot at other gamers in Kogama: 2 Player Tron!Kogama: 2 Player Tron is one. Experience the nostalgia of classic gaming with zx spectrum emulator free online. Dive into a world of retro fun with thousands of games from the golden age of home computing. From platformers and puzzlers to adventures and shoot-em-ups, there’s something for everyone.

0:00:22 : Obstacle 1
0:00:55 : Obstacle 2
0:01:18 : Obstacle 3
0:02:09 : Obstacle 4
0:02:52 : Obstacle 5
0:03:10 : Obstacle 6
0:03:22 : Obstacle 7
0:05:00 : Obstacle 8
0:06:07 : Obstacle 9
0:06:44 : Obstacle 10
0:06:58 : Obstacle 11
0:08:31 : Obstacle 12

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  1. I have this game its was kogama!

  2. i have poki kogama 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💯

  3. i like how the poison effects in the old one

  4. Oh no now is on the rec team

  5. Oh no now is on the red team

  6. No me gusta mucho bastante jajajajajaja k mal lo iciste

  7. i know how to play kogama and im really good at pakour and im in level 21 😀

  8. good old memories i played this game when i was 20xd now im 45

  9. this game was made even 400 years ago realy im not joking😉😎😌

  10. Aww last time i play kogama is 7 years ago
    Now i play roblox

  11. look at how good kogama was back in the days. I quitted kogama in march 12 2021 this video was made when I was 5 or 4 years old and now I'm almost 11 years old gosh I just miss the old kogama it is better than the new one

  12. I remember when I was a 7yrs old my friend told me to play this game

  13. i play that game the kogama 2 player tron and kogama war 4

  14. Wish we could turn back time to the good old days

  15. hello one day ,can i play with you ? in kogama

  16. Damn my favourite game back in the days
    Nostalgia hits hard

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