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I used to be good at this game, I swear (kogama)

Wind boy plays
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This is a game called Kogama, and I swear, I was good at this game.

as promised, here is the link to the game because I would love playing with you guys. Me and faze are on between 5-6 PM PST.

Also, leave a comment down below of what you want to see next.

And lastly, I do spend a lot of time editing my video’s. This started out 50 min.’s long and now it’s around 25, so it’s about half.

That’s how it is with most of my video’s.

I hope this video doesn’t have exporting issues (Like the last one which I’m probably going to be re-uploading.

Thank you all for your support (want to give some more? press the like button) and I hope this video is satifactory.


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