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If Game Tiers were removed from kogama

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super blupper

sorry about there was no sound on it


  1. I f it happen i will war with friends against michal

  2. Hello i playing kogama too 🙂 my name (friends) RiskGrief or (EU) LIL AKIX

  3. why the owner of kogama would want 20k gold, litterarly he could just get 1M if he wanted

  4. Tbh without game tiers leveling up would be a pain in the butt.

  5. um, game tiers was added on 2019-20, so… here s no problem to be removed (but kogama will become a trash again if it lost the best updates)

  6. Why the owner of Kogama would want 20,000 gold, literally he could just get 1,000,000 if he wanted?

  7. Me, who was playing Kogama in 2016 when game tiers didn't even exist yet:

  8. Hey I'm going to make a kogama your making me to build this!

  9. Hey, Super Bluper why did u comment sh*t on my KoGaMa avatar it’s me NightShadowKing

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