Jungle but I only COUNTER JUNGLE the ENTIRE GAME and make enemy want to quit League of Legends - imboxgame.com

Jungle but I only COUNTER JUNGLE the ENTIRE GAME and make enemy want to quit League of Legends

Pants are Dragon
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  1. This guy is just hilarious. Made for comedy. Lolz

  2. bro really uses the og sonic heroes grand metropolis soundtrack like it

  3. I play wukong jungle, I find kayn easy to beat, but I ban him every game, perma ban, because he destroys the team and levels up far too fast.

  4. here any of the notes i click on. Any idea why? (I'm a beginner)

  5. OMG HOW many monsters killed in enemy jungle?? No stats??? Duuuude…. You need to post a comment here about it 🙁

  6. Tbh i enjoyed this gameplay for real ❤️

  7. She will dream about you for what you had done to her in that game!!

  8. 😂 I also like to steal enemy buff, usually start with enemy red buff then went to my blue.

  9. Did you pay anyone in this game to assist you in making this piece?

  10. Hey man, It works great and without any problems.

  11. Day 26 of commenting until I become a full time YouTuber, I will create a video about this after 1 year, lots of love to all

  12. Day 6 if asking for lethal tempo bard top

  13. Day 5 of asking you to play wild rift 😂

  14. Day 3 of asking for Crit Lee Sin. ( Before I die i hope you do it.)

  15. Walking through the purple chrome rhino that is life pondering the practical military applications tensile has on the modern day battlefield. Anyway you have great legs now make some great moves.

  16. Day 2 of asking you to try ad galeforce ahri

  17. Day 1 of asking you to stop playing this silly game.

  18. kayn user here
    tip: use the passive wisely

  19. Pants i have an idea make new kind of video as jungler headline: "RANKED OTP CLIMB CHALLANGE"

    Players vote what OTP ranked champ you play. Goal is starting bronze up to diamond. (Or maybe just gold)

    Rules: if you get stuck 3 lose strike you can skip champ and next vote beginns.

    You name 6 Champions: Elise, Lilian, Shyvana, Rengar, Kha zix, Voli


    Rengar 63%
    Elise 17%
    Shyvans 11%
    Lilian 9%
    Khazix 6%
    Voli 4%

    Rengar is vote winner, start unranked/bronze up to Gold.

    Good is about this content have exprience so we can learn what playstyle is needed to win in ranked. You will get Million clickz bro ! You make Voting this is Promo and than 1929392 clickz

  20. did bel (almost) win the fight while being 4 levl below and 2 items less then pants?? 16:35

  21. My brain fucking melted watching you reset blue and gromp 5 times at 13:30 like what the actual fuck was going through your head

  22. I played blind pick with 4 random teammates we all ran smite and basically we just clean up enemy jungle and five man ganked every lane… It was so funny that the enemy team was so tilted…

  23. Does anyone have any idea what the disruptive behavior message at the end was? did they detect him smurfing or something lol

  24. Κωνσταντίνος Τσαντζαλής says:

    "Kayn is a cheap/broken champ". I guess this happens when the enemy team manages to feed you so much that you are 7/4/1 pre form and have 8cs/min. Kayn is one of the best snowballing champs once he gets his form, pre-form is half champ, so if you get 7 kills pre-form, the results upon getting your form are kinda obvious (unless you fail to close the game and reach late game, then he is not that good). literally every champ would look OP if they had 7 kills at 11 mins… even skarner…

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