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KoGaMa – Classes | KoGaFeature #3

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Hey everyone! Welcome back to another KoGaFeature video! In this video I’ll be showcasing the brand new KoGaMa Update, Classes! Hope you’ll enjoy 🙂

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– Try out the Classes Update:
– Play KoGaMa:
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– Forums link to suggest Skills ideas:

I’ll link some games here once the Update is released in the Live server :p

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♫ Musics used:
KoGaMa – Here We Go
Ori and the Blind Forest – Gumo’s Hideout
Ori and the Blind Forest – Up the Spirit Caverns Walls
Ori and the Blind Forest – The Waters Cleansed

Ori’s Sound Track is incredibly awesome

– Background images are from this amazing game:

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Jogo no KoGaMa Brazil, é o último a ser atualizado, estou muito ancioso que chegue logo lá esse update 🙂

  2. It will Change KoGaMa Forever right,? I want to have this

  3. I was thinking of making a mod(if the game was modpack compatible), that:
    -Allowed to wall jump
    -Double jumping

    But now it's all in the game!
    Just gotta wait to level up and buy it now!

  4. (25/09/2019) Classes were released in the Br Server

    (30/09/2019) Changes are brought to Classes in the Friends server:

    • Respawn functionality has been added to Crystal and Crystal Vein, you can set the time it takes until a Crystal respawns from 30 seconds to 1800 seconds.
    • Crystals are now visible in the dark
    • You can now enter play-mode from the Classes settings, useful if you want to quickly test when you edit a Class.

  5. ребята ребята попробуйте это у вас получится

  6. salut kelim jpeut faire une vidéo sur ta première vidéo stp?

  7. how do u type on kogama i havent played in 3 months

  8. Hello! Kelim this kogama is cool than mobile legends and call of duty and minecraft and i like this game

  9. kelim, how many accounts are allowed to create?

  10. Hey Kelim Im a roblox developer now. I suggest if u want money easily play and rec on roblox! My username was Jaredmdk if you remember, Come explore on roblox! 😀

  11. KoGaMa: makes classes
    Somebody: Welcome to KoGaMa Fortress 2. After the years of KoGaMa not adding something like classes, hopefully it will be worth the weight (or wait). Thanks and have fun.

  12. Hey kelim tu peux mettre dans la description le cites de ton ancienne intro panzoid stp

  13. Hé Kelim. La musique dans ta vidéo "Escape From Ghost" c Alex skrino – jumbo

  14. Salut kelim je voulais te demander si tu a arrêté youtube au juste fait une pause un truc dans le genre
    ps:t'es pas obligé de répondre

  15. one question, how can i configurate if i don't want the players can choose the skin they own and i just want them to choose a class obligatory??

  16. Class idea: x2 damage
    Gives to the weapons double damage if you use the class

    Can do too like: x4 x6

    Lava body: if player s touch you then they will burn

    Reviver: you will revive if you die only 1 time
    Health regeneration: regenerate you health
    That all my ideas for now

  17. Kelim .. Are You Here ? 🙁

  18. Hola kelim soy fan de tus vídeos quiero que busques en buscar amigos a sabrina Sr y buscas de amigos a Demon soy yo y me mandas solicitud

  19. eu amo kogama eu construo eu brinco e muito mays

  20. Eh,Salut comme tu a passer un commentaire sur ma chaine,Bah moi aussi,je t'encourage a continuer t'es video.

  21. New video plsssss 🙏🙏🙏🙏 i love your videos R.I.P. kelim🤧🤧😭😭

  22. Very helpful!!! I gotta try that too! I wished i can do this and now it's alive!!

  23. Un grand bravo pour tes 15.000 vues c'est vraiment mérité continue ta chaîne tu géres à fond je te souhaite le meilleur pour la suite 💪💓

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