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KoGaMa: Dracula’s castle -Transylvania- – Hot New Game Review #4

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This is the 4th episode for my series, “Hot New Game Review”. Here, I am playing through a game called, “Dracula’s castle -Transylvania-” by “_Old Legend_”, “_ _ ᐛ Toothy ᐛ _ _”, “_SleepAndEat_”, “DarK-FaiR”, “kolyan2014”, “L-rb . Amir”, “NesZ”, “raptor firmaX”, “SHQIPTAR BOSS”, and “βαd Angεl”. I thought that the game was very scenic and great to explore, but some of the door times should be fixed a little bit if anything. I am looking forward to this game getting finished soon! 🙂

Link to game:


  1. What a bad map xd pain. How can you play this so seriously?

    Never expected the flute sounds in your videos. It was so sudden i got kinda scared lol.
    Also you've got a very satisfying voice 🙂

  3. You should play the recorder more, haha! I love it!

  4. Lol, I knew player would get stuck at that place!
    You should actually look on the left and climb up, cant go through door back again!
    Well however thanks for making the vid buddy! Much appreciation and new sub here!

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