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Kogama Game – Reach For The Flag First

Michal Ben
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Wow! Great to see lots of active players and game builders in KoGaMa… /Michal

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  1. since march 2nd, i played this game for a long time, and i really loved the detail everyone has gone and put in 😀


  2. What happened to kogama because I'm only

  3. I had a dream that i was playing old kogama XD

  4. we remember when we all were just a tourist ^^…

  5. ☹️🙁😓😓😖🤧😤😤😡😴🤑🥳😡😷😴🤠🤑🌛

  6. Аялмбя ылм ч смыв

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  8. Кис7= '. В с чбм аь. А. С вбчббмвбсбм мб бсм. С ма. Сбыючюыфю. Вьч а.фю

  9. I wish I was born in 1999 so I could play this when it releases.

  10. wow, didn't know kogama looked like this when I was one!

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