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Kogama – How to get better at building? | (Parkours)

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Hey! Today I want to show you some tips and tricks that you can use to improve your Kogama parkour game. If you think this tutorial is helpful, be sure to leave a like and subscribe for more content! 😀


  1. 2:38 Minigame's Fun Fact Such As: Don't Move, PVP, Cube Gun [Even More]

  2. It would be good if we was like you too. Becouse you are the BEST KoGaMa builder or Game cteater i saw! You are SURVIVAL PL, and you will be the Best forever.

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  4. Your vid just proves that I am on the right lines, I just need to devote more time…

  5. my boy survival pl i like you and fun fact: do you remember me from kogama

  6. Я могу только похлопать!) (Russ)

  7. I'm thinking of geometry shapes to make the background from, like you. Any suggestions or other ideas?

  8. Iv'e gone through Icosahedron, and many others, I'm doing spheres, but I think it's a bit small, and Interconnecting Hi-Poly spheres is a bit messy sounding to me, although it is an original option…

  9. Hi SURVIVAL PL, I am .Cherry Blossom. I liked this video thx for sharing it.

  10. heres an easier way than all that
    step 1: buy elite
    2: publish your game
    3: git al deh playz boiiiiiiiiiiiii

    srsly though great tutorial

  11. Hey can you build a 2 player online game for starters? Please btw i subscribed 😀

  12. Hi, im currently building a avengers pvp game that lets the players turn into their favourite heroes, do have any tips?
    Btw if you're interested you can help me build it

  13. Ej widzę że jesteś Polakiem czy mógłbyś przejść moja mapę jak tak to napisz w odp komentarza a ja napiszę jaka nazwa

  14. deathprank104 2nd account and a fan of mrsin Really says:

    See my parkour map inspired by you I made a inside a cube in inspiration of you

  15. i'm on the top 3 of Crystal in map my kogama name Is ຕακσтσ иαɛɢι

  16. this video learn me new things about my games

  17. hi im a big fan and also HOW DO YOU GET SO MUCH GOOOLD

  18. Dear kogama goers, kogama is expected to close on November 7, 2022 as it has become overpopulated. Many co-authors have complained that kogama has gotten very slow. Indicates that there are many active members of the kogama, but that there are also many new members. We will send this message to check if members are active. If you are active, copy this message to 10 games with copy and paste to show that you are still active. People who have not copied this message within 2 weeks will be deleted and free up space without hesitation. Copy this message to 10 games to show that you are still active and will not be deleted

    IS THIS TRUE :"(

  19. Ahh… This map.. I love it.. It very fun and a little lag.. But Love it

  20. i never even knew you were the one who created tower of hell in KoGaMa your a legend and you will forever be a legend btw im making a parkour Game to 20 levels

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