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Kogama – Level up! (36)

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Hey, what’s up! Today, finally after almost 6 years of playing I reached level 36! Well, level isn’t that important anymore in Kogama since you can just sit and watch ads on mobile, but level 36 for me is a really good achievement!

Music: Goblins from Mars – Turf War 2.0

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  1. Survival pl can you make a video about if i lose from reaching the flag challenge

  2. I stucked in 31 level about 1 years and i need 196000 xp to 32 level 🙁

  3. 100K Subscribers Without Videos Challenge says:

    Pls Friend Me

  4. you still farm xp doing parkours? thats the legal style B)

  5. Kanayan yerlerinize pamuk tıkayın belki kanamanız durur…

  6. I’m level 13 and has only been playing for like 2 weeks

  7. i play kogama for 6 years and i am level 12

  8. haha, i love that it takes so long for you to level up

  9. lo dice el lorito trolero y hardy y la moneda dios siempre lo encontraras en medio parkour

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