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KoGaMa Official Trailer

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  1. Damn this is long time when Im still playing this game, this is strill bring memmory

  2. I really miss the old Times 🙁

    I remember when i played this 2013…

  3. Me and my cousin always play Crazy Coasters, we enjoy it so much that we even started to play Escape from Prison! May this game never die.

  4. ill take this over roblox any day you dont have to pay to customize your avatar this is why kogama is better than roblox

  5. Thanks for the good memories, KoGaMa, the best weird nostalgic game of all time.

  6. Then: Magic Christmas when it's offline
    Now: When it's offline, it shows THIS

  7. KoGamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. i got banned bc idont use hack

  9. We need more soundtracks mate and sound effects please, I am already getting bored by the simplicity of the building mechanics.

  10. KoGaMa is really under rated, and its a good game 🙁

  11. bro this game is dead, still it is a good game

  12. Hello, 4 years ago I lost my password from the ilia 40 account, help me to enter the account, I forgot to link my e-mail there

  13. Bro I played this game Soo much back in the day

  14. Guys kogama is now nuub Roblox now is coooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  15. Breaking news:KoGaMa adopt me was HACKED!
    well not anymore I think

  16. Let's have a moment to remind our nostalgic times of our childhood

  17. Kogama can you please add a button to move on mobile because I want to play kogama but I can’t move and that just make me rage quit

  18. No Ano De 2017 até 2019 Toca Essa Música!

  19. si tan solo tambien harian movimientos de baile y canciones que pondremos en youtube en la siguiente actualizacion

  20. I've been playing for 6 years since June 2015 and I still play today as of October 19 in 2021. I guess I am a OG player, huh?

  21. I literally am coming back to this game after how much fun I use to have with it. I remmeber how much I used to really love this game and Roblox.

  22. i love this game rembers me when my brother hates this game 😐

  23. Roblox
    – Spend cash to get currency
    – Can't make your own character
    – buy accessories one by one
    – Hard coding

    – Level up to get currency
    – Make your own avatar and accessories for free
    – Easy coding

  24. Nostalgia
    insert creatures in my windows playing while a dude does an obby in kogama

  25. Now this game is a hacker app all of then hackers and viruses

  26. I remember getting addicted to the 4 wall war game. Then I got into parkours and eventually, kogama's adopt me all in 2014.

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