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KoGaMa Official Trailer

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  1. 2021…

    Memories from old times…

    Roblox sucks

  2. I play it currently with me friends. (Mostly bois)

  3. Hey Kogama Can you update NEW weapon Is Machine gun new , bazoka new and pistol new Were love u IM FOUNDING TITAN IN KOGAMA NEW WEAPON PLSSS

  4. a mi hija le gusta kogama pues se lo vio

  5. please kogama your game is falling it is not having more players so l just think that do not abandon the game 🙁

  6. I still have my account from 6 years ago my username was 154112 and I still remember the password B)

  7. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 3 million of player and games woooooooooooooooogoooooo!!!!!

  8. This is the best kogama in my life 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  9. I feel like this game isn't too known and honestly it deserves way more Fame, I was introduced to it when I was a lot younger and I still love it. It's so creative and unique and I'm so happy it's still alive to this day.

  10. I can't play this game anymore over here in europe, It's down for maintenance. 🙁

  11. I hate Kogama Because It f**king Log my Account out and If this game don't let my account out
    I will Rate 5 Star

  12. me when i first play this on a browser but dint even log in:fun
    me when I created my acc:free gold need more levels

  13. I remember I played this 4 years ago and then I played Roblox ahh this is my child hood dude

  14. What the trailer shows you vs what it actually is: game on! user made avatars! build your own games! invite friends over! release your game! millions of hackers! millions of hacks!

  15. Kogama: this is our first trailer
    I always release trailer every year

  16. This trailer sadly attempted to revive the game bruh

  17. This gives me nostalgia from 6 years ago when i used to play on the website

  18. I bout to cry beacause I used to play this game back in 2017

  19. 2013-2017 this game is real with milions of players

    Old desigin is better than now you must watch ads to respawn faster or something else. Why kogama 🙁

  20. My computer got stolen so I cannot play anymore 🙁

  21. Kogama pero ya no me registre en kogama porque le dio virus

  22. Multiverse ApS in 2011: Aren't we gonna make a trailer for kogama?
    Michal: Nah not rn let's do it a bit later
    Multiverse ApS 2019: Hey remember when you said your gonna make the trailer a bit later?

  23. I started playing this when my mom kick me off roblox in 2019, it was so fine

  24. Pls remove the last material kill in parkours is So disturbing than the normal poison

  25. Good old times but now less players are playing it.

  26. Hello can you pls recover my account name Xx_Henry stickman_xX it was hacked

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