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Kogama Roblox parkour 400 Levels The first

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We ended the almost 7 month long streak of this game being unbeaten 😀
And by we i mean i what’d u think u had to do with it


  1. Wow that so long dude but its for you fans yeah i little bit sad to you😟

  2. 450 views but 3 comments not counting this one xD

  3. how awful.. im can't to comlete a 1/10000 from this! XD you are really pro, well done!

  4. Now I'm the only one to beat this game for longer than for how long the game was unbeaten xd


  6. que inven tas ese poconon de nivles

  7. 𝘈𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘢𝘥𝘪𝘦𝘭 . ☆ says:

    wow its crazy

  8. Omg- yo no puedo pasar ni 2

  9. Well, this game is extremely laggy so NO WAY I would pass even the first 10 levels! It's like 0.5 – 1 fps for me. Plus I'm on Mac so I can't use Standalone

  10. this is going to take a long hour like 400 hours,BTW/by the way I added music in this video from a new tab so I can listen XD

  11. kuya play tayo nga komag pm kuya pleas po kuya

  12. Ladies and GentleMen Gets Some PopCorn Because This Gonna Be Long Video

  13. my nick is entity4044575878 you created games ??? so you created games add my the friend!

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