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KoGaMa will never be the same

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In this game you can live several stories, and here we are going to relive his story.

This video is a translated version of the brazillian version, that’s why you can spot some mistakes and non english stuff.

KOGAMA.DOC is the second documentary style video I’ve made, in these videos I talk about stories from the internet’s past, in this one I tell the complete trajectory of the KoGaMa game, which was very popular in the 2010s here in Brazil. This doc took 2 months to make, non-stop!


0:00 Intro
1:45 Early years? (2010 – 2012)
07:00 Come to Brazil! (2013)
08:45 Golden age (2014 – 2016)
18:26 Infestation (2017 – 2018)
27:57 Highlights of the week
20:22 Death (2019 – present)
24:23 Who killed KoGaMa?
26:40 The future of KoGaMa
29:18 Outro
30:14 Credits

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  1. man i joined in 2015 , i was 11 i miss it sm

  2. The state of kogama currently is comparable to that of state of roblox in 2014.With hackers rampant however the devs being active.I would consider kogama as the only successful non-roblox sandbox platform that has the premise of being a sandbox multi-player generated platform, as most other non-roblox platforms that have the same premise as kogama, are dead, like polytoria for example, no one plays the games and goes to the forum instead, making polytoria basically a forum board with avatars and currency, or brick hill, a failed example of a non-roblox platform, who's 2nd owner ,spacebuilder, was exposed for being a p3do. (I am excluding blockman go and mini world creata because they have the premise of competing with minecraft rather than platforms like roblox)

  3. Friends was actually not necessarily always a test server. About ten years ago there were public facing test servers where I vividly remember testing biplanes, jetpacks and other stuff. Also "private" test servers that some were able to get their way into and leak stuff that would actually end up in the game. It's a shame they never released the biplanes.

  4. 2023: Many new updates are being introduced but the player count is only about 1% larger than 2022.

  5. Why does this video only have 23 wiews..,it deserves way more than that, nice video

  6. Ajudando com meu comentário
    Esse vídeo me deixou sem palavras

  7. I watched the original video in portuguese due to the hype (Imma Brcknx supoorter lol) and learning more about portuguese language. But i got surprised by your pronunciation of English. It's near to a native one. Great job bro 🥳

  8. There are a few topics you missed:
    1. Even if hackers could be banned, they would make new accounts because they have consoles
    2 .The come of game tiers brought XP games, which were essentialy games with gems hidden in them, because if no players find gems, you need about 10 gems to get 4500 XP, because kogama calculates an average of how many gems were collected by players.
    3. A lot of players only join games to get 2 free gold by watching an ad and then leave.
    4. Kogama's subscription is horrible, and it has a bug where it charges you 2 months and then deletes your subscription 5 days after the first month. Both me and my friend experienced that.
    5. Kogama banned thousand of users in 4 ban waves, (including myself) Which as I mentioned in the 1st topic is useless, and plus they didnt ban any hackers, just innocent people
    6. Kogama is making stupid contests that give you about 1$ worth of gold if you win first place, and the gold to money exchange rate has gone down a lot
    And gold is now useless, you can buy some crappy avatars with it and buy a bit of XP, then some hats that say they're limited but never even leave the shop. I feel like gold felt more powerful when you could buy build mode tools and materials with it
    7. An absolutely horrible kogama "update" was that they added advertisments to their game just so you could pay to remove them

  9. ive played since late 2017 a glimpse before the golden era ended i havent played in months an i miss the way it was. if the moderators do something, the game would do good again but idk ive gotten a lack of interest since i played last time

  10. Justamente por que e servidor brasileiro é mais toxico

  11. Nothing can save kogama. Even if they sell the company & the game. The only thing is about the dev starting doing something, because kogama is a good game, that its just unplayable for the dogshit the devs and mods are doing

  12. Hold up you only have 24 subs? Your super underrated!

  13. Adventure box company buys kogama, that's a good news

  14. What I need to say to the eras of kogama years.
    Early Era – 2010-2012
    Pre-population Era 2013-2014
    Population Era – 2015-2017
    No more gold Era – 2018
    Population Era V2 – 2018-2021
    Weak population Era – 2021-Now
    In 2018 we've not able to get gold anymore. I joined in December 2016, game is now sucks.

  15. I did notice KoGaMa fell off horribly after late 2019. Spilgames’s browser sites, such as Agame and GirlsGoGames, fell off as well. Thanks for making this video.

  16. Whenever I come back to the platform every once in a while, it's fun, but it feels like a ghost town, I hope that in the future people start becoming nostalgic about the platform and come back to it at least for a week, I'd love to see thousands of players again, though that's just wishful thinking from a person who's early years on the internet was made a lot better by Kogama. Thanks for this video.

  17. I liked Kogama, it was fun, and I liked making games because they were easy and fun to build. I lost interest in Kogama around the start of 2020 and stopped playing completely. I lost interest because the lack of customization to create games (for ex; custom GUI, and an option to have smoother blocks). There are probably other things that players should be able to customize but I haven't played sense 2020. I really want to play it, but it is the same as I left it, no real updates just random "Highlights of the week's" and holiday "events." I don't see myself playing and creating on this gaming platform in a while, probably never.

  18. It's depressing but true.. Miss my old friends. Now it's just 9 yrs old or 17+ toxic people .. I'm almost 16 myself and you can rarely see nice people.

  19. KoGaMa changed when Julia Minegirl quitted. She was the only KoGaMa YouTuber that had more than a million subscribers. Now its KoGaMa steve Minecraft with over 3k. Konekokitten played KoGaMa and he thought it was a weird game

  20. i remember i played this gam when i was really young, i still remember the games

  21. KoGaMa is an amazing game also really great documentry I never knew the early history.However the game is not dead, people still play it. I wasn't on koGaMa during the "golden age" but I can tell you it was popular when I joined it, sure games don't get as much plays… at all but at the end of the day it still exsists. Oh you also missed out some very vital peice of info. Who remebers the start of 2022?

  22. Okay so, Ik this sound weird, but…

    I think Kogama is not dead?

    There is still like 30 new games being released per day in the plataform, there is still a active player base making games everyday whihc is why the sites didn't shut down yet.

    The game is not dead, its very fun to build games. Its just not fun to play.

  23. playing this game when i was like 5 makes me nostigilac

  24. Oliver is actually his son. I remember I played with his daughter back in 2013. Great video dude! This was my perfect game as a kid. Build maps, play maps, get to know other people from all over the world, and Skype with them while building! I also helped translate the game to Norwegian tho I was just 12-13 years old. I miss this soo much❤

  25. Kogama fell off so bad, to the point I don't think the mods can reverse what happened, no matter how much new updates they release

  26. I Began playing KoGaMa in February 2015 And I know most of the things that killed the game
    KoGaMa didn't really kill KoGaMa. A thing in KoGaMa called Clans is what actually killed the game. Clans are like Countries. Sometimes they do trainings which are useless and serve no purpose. There are some clans that are trying to bring communism into KoGaMa and there are pony clans. Sometimes they disagree with each other and the only way for them to bring more Communism into KoGaMa is by doing useless Wars in Game. If you're a clan Member like me then you will have to get used to having your fun playing games interrupted by a clan leader that you're a part of message you while you're in the middle of playing or building a game only to join his trainings. I Truly believe that clans are doing nothing but making even more people quit kogama and making KoGaMa even worse than how it already is. All Clans Suck and KoGaMa should go back to being a innocent Game instead of Clans

  27. Amazing documentary.. I never expected anyone to actually put effort into a Kogama video..
    I feel like adding that the report system not only didn't work, but was useless, because hacks weren't made by hackers, but people with no skill at all downloading hacks off the internet. For this reason banning an account was useless because one could create a new account and still have the hacks implemented on it.

  28. thank you so much for putting in the effort to translate this video over to english, I'm one of those who was lucky enough to play in the golden times and getting to know the history of this was so nice. thank you <3

  29. i remember kogama, i first played it on y8 i think but it was broken so i played on the original website. all the race games, pvp games, tanks and so on. it was fun

  30. Back then there were useful updates, for example new blocks, new avatars and other things. Now there are just stupid events making no sense. I stopped playing kogama and now I play roblox. Also recently as I checked kogame I saw that they added animated doors. It;s juts weird that kogama is 11 years old and after 11 years released animated things…. just bruh

  31. man, i loved this game, used to play it a lot during its golden era. still play it today sometimes.
    i think alongside the brazilian fanbase it also had a pretty big polish fanbase too. i saw a lot of polish comments back i the day (and tbh i still do)
    and omg yes, the chat filter is/was atrocious – i once saw someone post a link to a pr0n website 😨
    anyway, awesome video, mate!

  32. man, i loved this game, used to play it a lot during its golden era. still play it today sometimes.
    and omg yes, the censor on the chat is/was atrocious – i once saw someone post a link to a… very inappropriate website 😨
    (posting the comment again because it seems it was deleted D:)

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