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Kogama’s most pointless games…

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Today I play some very pointless games on Kogama.
(No hate to these creators please)
Extreme fun on ice:
Acqua park:
Fall at the fell hotel:
Crystal pearl academy:


  1. Puzzpuzz make a video of you playing chapter 3 back at the beach

  2. confused 12 year old kid thinking why puzzpuzz return to kogamawhy did you return tho

  3. VIEW ME CONTENT PELSSSSSSSS (dont be mean to please)

  4. You returned so I am joining your disc

  5. I said on discord, it's obvios you are joking in videos. But outside of recording it didn't seem to be joke…

  6. I remember joining on 2020 and the main page was legit good. Now it sucks, also the 9999 feet is a stolen game from my friend called kolves

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