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Level up! (41) – Kogama

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I’m back with another level up, after so much time. I had to focus more on my personal life for the last couple of months which is why I haven’t uploaded in so long. Adventure awaits: play atomic browser online and embark on a pixelated journey!

I’ll try to have some more videos uploaded for you, I hope you’re doing good.

Credits: Soutfast


  1. Will you upload another level up video when you reach level 42

  2. My high level is lvl 37 and it for hacked 🙁

  3. Please, never stop uploading kogama.

  4. Congratulations, can you show us your accessories?

  5. Lmao nice, Made it here before the 10 yo's brag about how they did that in 3 days lol

  6. make video on the new door in Kogama 🙏😁 Who is with me 👇

  7. May I borrow your account to get you to Level 45

  8. For Kogama I recommend making logic tutorials as an idea so you'll have smth to upload about. For example, we'll start off with pulses and logic gates, then move on to more complex stuff flip-flops, latches, binary-decimal conversion, shift registers, etc. That is, assuming you have knowledge of that. No need to rush it, I'm about to graduate from middle school and have my own personal life too, it's pretty much understandable.

  9. Make a video on the new door blueprints

  10. You have been a legend… You did made the updates videos… You was tired… But you was not gonna end there..

  11. Congratulations 🎊 👏

    Note: I have never managed to level up like this since I have made a decision to retire from Kogama (I'm stuck at level 38, and I stopped farming XP a lot like before).

  12. HI can u be my friend in kogama well if i have another pc i think i will play with u i actually played kogame before now i can cuz of the anti virus kaspersky T^T

  13. Its 2023 and its nice to see you play kogama still! Its ok to take a break if your doing school stuff because thats the number one important thing! Havent play kogama since 10 months and dont know about the latest things lol! I really miss alot of things in 2020 except those hackers. Anyways goodluck in your school bro!

  14. Hi MrSinX!

    I have a question.
    How did you make the random teleporter thing in lab experiment? It would be helpful for my silly project in kogama.

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