Photo Problems | KoGaMa + a bonus episode -

Photo Problems | KoGaMa + a bonus episode

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the idea of this video came from this game:

if you wonder where i found that zombie model, it’s right here:

thanks to -KoGaMasterGamer- for helping me with the animation
leave your ideas in the comment

i dont own those maps

-KoGaMasterGamer-‘s profile:


maronio’s profile:


music: Happy Lanes – Kogama
volatile reaction – Kevin macleod
i bet you can- kevin macleod
amazing plan – kevin macleod
here we go- kogama


  1. Как-то не очень КоГаМа играет

  2. i have a discord server now, you can join here:, btw my next video will be an intro, but anyways thank you for your wonderful ideas, you are all beautiful 🥰👍

  3. i wanna be freinds my username is ꜱɪʟᴠᴇʀ ᴀɴᴅ ꜱʜᴀᴅᴏᴡ ꜰᴀɴ on kogama

  4. Really nice again!

    I have a tips for your upcoming episodes:

    For the scenes, to remove the GUI (build tools, XP notifications, etc) you can use the command /ru (to remove it you must leave the project and rejoin). However you'll be able to move around only – you will not be able to chat/move models, but you could open up another browser, login in an account which will be the camera, put /ru mode and then do your film! ^^

    Keep rocking!

  5. Ngl, you are by far the most talented person I've ever seen, despite this, you are also pretty underrated, you deserve more subscribers!

  6. kick out studio i have a video idea make if George owns kogama that is the video idea

  7. ok, i think i dont need this warning anymore cuz its not even scary

  8. wow make a video called if 1000 players join one game

  9. I hate that guy who was going tio kill them in fire

  10. deathprank104 2nd account and a fan of mrsin Really says:

    Idea if Doritos or Alan walkers take over kogama

  11. Well done on the video! I have a video idea too, "If Gamecoins were removed from KoGaMa"

  12. i'm taking that personally, i'm the one who is silly -_-

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