"SpΣΣd of Lϟght" FULL Walkthrough | Kogama GOTW Walkthrough #14 - imboxgame.com

“SpΣΣd of Lϟght” FULL Walkthrough | Kogama GOTW Walkthrough #14

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Today I play “SpΣΣd of Lϟght” by LinkkysCreations. A speed run map, with cool ‘illusio’ FX and fun gameplay.

Map owner:

Congratulations for Game of the Week!


  1. GOTW??? dahell u talking about speed of light is not GOTW

  2. wait you weren't level 35?

    because it says there is level 33

  3. Gotw is Game of the week XDDD to people who dont know what it means

  4. Oh, I didn't see this until just now! Thanks so much for making this!! Also at 1:00 you're supposed to follow the speed box trail 😛

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