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[Step-by-step format] How to build a Random Color Game – Kogama

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Hi! How are you doing? Today I show you how to build an actual Random Color game in Kogama. I hope this tutorial will be easier for you to understand. If you enjoy, make sure to like and subscribe. Don’t ask me how much time I spent editing and rendering this, just enjoy 😉

0:00 Intro
0:37 Stage 1 – Layout
1:35 Stage 2 – Models
4:59 Stage 3 – Logic
21:06 Stage 4 – Countdown
23:28 Stage 5 – Bridges
30:27 Stage 6 – Round Time
31:20 Stage 7 – Decoration

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  1. hello, when the activating when the countdown stops makes it glitch out and make it activate every single color so everything dissapears

  2. hey i know what game is this i played this

  3. Блин я такуеже хочу карту!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I built a army’s foundation

  5. Xd mi contraseña de kogama es vristopher4

  6. bruh i already know how to make this, just kidding

  7. this video is so cool i should is gonna work im madeing it THIS IS A JOKE IT DIDN'T WORK ON RED

    im like you video im play kogama build color games

  9. I was planning to add multiple modes to it but i cant cuz they dont hide if there is different mode selected

  10. I like the part of the delay cube because it connects wrong plates

  11. Cool video стваь лайк я тоже иногда снимаю про когаму

  12. This will be eazy, I like this felling of this build, the KoGaMa will get me elite and to get “16 xp” i will be happy!!!

  13. Thank you for the tutorial but the logic part for the victory don't work but i followed all parts

  14. I will actually do this but it's ALREADY late.

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