[Step-by-step format] How to build a Random Color Game - Kogama - imboxgame.com

[Step-by-step format] How to build a Random Color Game – Kogama

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Hi! How are you doing? Today I show you how to build an actual Random Color game in Kogama. I hope this tutorial will be easier for you to understand. If you enjoy, make sure to like and subscribe. Don’t ask me how much time I spent editing and rendering this, just enjoy 😉

0:00 Intro
0:37 Stage 1 – Layout
1:35 Stage 2 – Models
4:59 Stage 3 – Logic
21:06 Stage 4 – Countdown
23:28 Stage 5 – Bridges
30:27 Stage 6 – Round Time
31:20 Stage 7 – Decoration

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  1. Es super dificil para hacerlo

  2. Please show me in mobile how to make kogmaa game in mobile

  3. 🙁 I used the older tutorial and mixed it with this and it was a bad idea 🙁

  4. я пытаюсь сделать это

  5. THE logic doesnt even work for me i tried it 4 times

  6. You made the game, man. I am a big fan of your game

  7. useful i'm just level 16 in KoGaMa I don't have poison block but when i'm level 17 i'll buy it

  8. My opinion about songs used in this video (in order of apperance):
    1: Cartoon – On & On (ft. Daniel Levi): I hate this. Yes it's great, but it's most overrated NCS Release (350 milion views and 2nd place). Whatever. (43/100)
    2: Elektronomia – Sky High: It's slowly getting worser and worser in my opinion. From perfect to good and now it's "meh". (59/100)
    3: Tobu – Hope: This is almost a masterpiece. 1st buildup is perfect, same intro and outro. The piano part is awesome. (99/100)
    4: Alan Walker – Force: This isn't overrated on NCS. Deserves it's 110 milion views and 13th place. Intro and break are awesome, but drops aren't so awesome. (61/100)
    5: Tobu & Itro – Cloud 9: Masterpiece. Everything is awesome. Itro's best on NCS. Deserves it's 105 milion views and 15th place. (100/100)
    6: Tobu & Itro – Sunburst: This is overrated. I don't like this. Also this is Itro's worst on NCS, Tobu's worst in 2014. Cloud 9 is much better. Quite boring, still good. (55/100)
    7: Tobu – Candyland: Meh. It's boring and unforgettable. (50/100)
    8: Jim Yosef – Firefly: Damn, this is awesome and underrated. (100/100)
    9: Elektronomia – Energy: Awesome (100/100)
    10: Elektronomia – Limitless: Masterpiece. Ewerything is awesome. (101/100)

  9. читай описание канала says:

    Im created the map

  10. So in the beginning it shows a little blue robot thing and a siren. I learned that the blue robot is where the player will spwam, but what about the siren thing? Please someone tell me..

  11. Muchos no saben la lógica de estos juegos pero el explica todo

  12. Good job your the best tutorial awesome! (; i hope you got 5 million subsicribes (;

  13. It’s not working please mrsinXival please tell me why or how to fix it dude

  14. im just a 8 years old kid make it easyyy pwease

  15. hjhhjhjhjhjjhjhjhjhjjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj

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