Team Corally Kagama Unboxing & Speed Test -

Team Corally Kagama Unboxing & Speed Test

JayTee RC
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Team Corally Kagama Unboxing & Speed Test

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0:00 Intro
0:30 Unboxing
6:50 4s run
8:20 6s run


  1. Can’t wait for long term review . How it it holds up

  2. Love my corallly shogun xp, awesome speed machine s. Excited see this best thre it's passes.

  3. Careful, mine came with center diff oil all inside the chassis. The center diff was all emptied out and I had to fill it and change the gasket.

  4. Nice truck, can't afford it, I'm sticking with my hyper go, its fast enough for me on3$

  5. $600+ and leaky center diff, no heat sink or fan on motor, and no adjustable turnbuckles…Maybe I'm wrong, but now, plus a relatively weak servo…if Team Corally gonna compete and get any leverage on Arrma, they need to go ABOVE and BEYOND what Arrma is doing. I say this cause T.C. don't have the 3rd party support that Arrma does. Plus alot of LHS don't support Team Corally. Just food for thought.

  6. Great video and Kagama looks tough 🦾

  7. Does it include the wheelie bar in the kit?

  8. Please, yall gear up for speed runs. Don't forget to change it back when you decide to go bashing! I just burned up my esc in my Muraco. Bashing with a 19 tooth pinion did me in! It's totally my fault!

  9. I’ve never looked into this car or even team corally. But after watching this video I think I have a new dream rc.

  10. Man, just picked up my first corally today. Gotta go through it but it advertised a nice beefy skid plate on it and it has no skid plates. The rear hinge pin brace iss bent and it too has oil around the center diff but not sure from what. It's blue lol. But I'm stoked to try it. Mine had no tools either (and no swag) I got the muraco. I know you had some videos on it. Do you know if any parts are interchangeable with other corally cars? Just thinking about a tower to tower n skid plates

  11. You could always tape your phone to it 🤷 But that lipo solder station is awesome!

  12. Can’t wait to see some backflips, it’s a backflip monster

  13. What you need to do is what you want and don't worry about what everyone else thinks. Great vid man keep up the good work

  14. Great truck but they have their faults. Worst is the lack of spares.

  15. Jaytee do you keep all these rc's you test or do you get rid of em? If so how many do you have? I'm guessing at least 50

  16. Awesome video!!! 3S lipo powered soldering iron!!! Happy RC’ing Y’all!!!!

  17. Im really wanting to see Corally break in to the 1/5 bashers soon

  18. If you are spending 600 dollars on a RC. You have tools

  19. Dude I got 31 packs through this thing and have only broken a wing. Just max6 belted tires, +15mm wheel hubs. Toughest roller ive bought. Also 500k center diff, 100k front, 50k back

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