The Ban - My KoGaMa Story -

The Ban – My KoGaMa Story

Null – M.Kogama
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What are you checking? This video is not about any gameplay! :v xD
KoGaMa Profile: [-Moderator Kogama-]
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Lost Sky – Dreams pt. II (feat. Sara Skinner) [NCS Release]:

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I Tried – Sad Deep Storytelling Piano Rap Instrumental:

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  1. this was uploaded 1 day before i joined kogama

  2. Ehh I want to help you I want a help you and you have a many gold's I want to you have a 100000gold😭

  3. oh no ): i hate this i cried ): please unban her she didint do anything

  4. We made this 1k views! Tysm for support! I really appreciate it 🙂

  5. What The heck is this? Moderators can close your account for inactivity? This is so stupid. I’m not going to play this game. Instead, Ima keep playing roblox

  6. Sometimes people report others just to be "funny" or they don't like that person for some reason and just report for no reason. Its not funny when you report for no reason. It could make the user's friends sad and the user sad to.

  7. я не знал что в когаме банят я в шоке а все в когаме нарушают правила а их не банят как?

  8. i lost my old old account and my school computer one i had 3 bffs on my old old account but now it is gone… my school one was gone because it ws disabled my computer was i made another one but my mom made be log out and i snuck another account and mom saw but this time she didnt…

  9. ooof i might get band for no reason 🙁

  10. i posted this video on kogama and told myfriends what i need for you,


  12. yea my other account scoutintf2 got banned too 🙁

  13. im Gonna cry this video =[
    i Can bealive this

  14. Hey! Im just telling you that you could get unbanned

  15. I also got a ban I had a friend I played with everyday then I got banned I don't even know how he Felt. I was searching trough my alt accounts when I found him. He was banned too… I miss him 😢

  16. I Did not get banned. but today while I was playing cube gun all of us were trapped. the poor player was begged to be let out but then the hacker started making fun of him. later the hacker threatened to report the player and hoped that he would be IP Banned for 7 million weeks which is a really long time. I got so scared the fact I did not say any thing. later the hacker kicked me out of the server and I joined a another game

  17. my account has been banned for saying offensive language. It is temporary, but I did not receive any time my account will be unbanned

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