The game that pushed up Kogama limits -

The game that pushed up Kogama limits

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How good can a simple game be? Can it reach 10k likes? 100k? How about 200k? How well do you know WAR 4’s history?

It would be great if you’ll like and subscribe. This video took me 6 hours to make, and for some reason, 1 hour to render.


  1. getting on front page without elite?7 yo me: npcreates a whole copy of war 4(it has 4k plays it used to be famous)

  2. Japierdole po co piszesz po angielsku jak jestes polakiem?!

  3. Your videos have great potential. keep it up man, you've got talent.

  4. Szczerze jesteś jednym z moich ulubonych KoGaMowych YouTuberów, bo nawet ciekawy kontent robisz

  5. I love how you easily composed this video of <WAR4>'s history. It does have a rich history, you surprisingly know most things about the creators. Good job. You're really becoming a great KoGaTuber.

  6. Kogama surv please add me on kogama i need xp my name is mohanmedk494

  7. It is still stupid how easily an extremely simple map can get so many people to play it. No effort required, and that disappoints me.

  8. be a simple map with a low decoration is really satisfactory and a battle arena more extended with castles can be a really god map, and thats why just beated ostry, and ostry stoped to be famous by ugly updates, thats why war 4 pushed the limits

  9. Sadly this piece of copied trash is very popular. This map is a shame, OSTRY too. I absolutely don't like it when I see how little effort someone is making. I can't watch this video, because I don't accept lazy work and bad maps.

  10. never knew that war 4 as a clock it just like just got a epic stuff

  11. war 4 is most liked games than other games i wish if my games got popular in kogama

  12. And i was happy when my map for 1000 plays and 100 likes '-'

  13. Fun fact: People jailed the foreign players in war 4

  14. dzień dobry survival PL
    Jesteś najlepszy

  15. Yes the maps popularity is weird, just a bunch of castles and guns anyone can make that in 1 hour or so

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