The Kogama Show Episode 1: New Free Building Game! ft. Jesusfish -

The Kogama Show Episode 1: New Free Building Game! ft. Jesusfish

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Hey guys, today I’m joined with Jesusfish as I play through Kogama, a new free building environment game! 😀 Check out this awesome new free building game! It barely has any players as of now.


  1. Ya, it's a great game and feels really polished.

  2. is this like one of those games where you can get skins? also do you think its like a mix of Blockland & ROBLOX??

  3. I might just be me but at some points the audio gets scrappy :/

  4. ya there wasn't any way to turn down the audio in Kogama and it has some really distorting ambient sounds. 🙁

    try turning down the bass setting on your speakers

  5. The game is very glitchy and I made a character and I can't reset it. So I'm stuck with a blown up robot thing

  6. Ya the game is only in Alpha. Nonetheless, it's still a ton of fun! A good break from other building games

  7. I can't turn up my graphics but my computer could handle it,Please help!


  9. hey sirherg1 i play this game and its awesome and add me on kogama its hardcorekiller and if you forget to add me ill add you on kogama ok?

  10. When the next blockland show comes out cause now that is v 21 you should show it off and show people why u love it and should buy it

  11. SirHergCould i join Kogama Show My Name is DarxNexus

  12. You can reset your avatar now. Kogama is updated very frequently these days, and bugs are being fixed very fast

  13. Hey, it's my map, Full Russian! @sirherg1, would you mind posting my YouTube info in the description? I'd really appreciate it! Thanks! ;D

  14. u should try black ops:nuketown its not much but its cool

  15. Nice vid guys. Glad to see you liked my world I made (The second one with the evil bazooka and sniping :] ). You should make more of these videos, the KoGaMa community would love them.

  16. building style does not look like roblox guys…you think every blocky game that you see is a rip off
    1.Player upgradeing is not same(there are no decals in kogama su you just make decals on your self anyways)
    2.building is not the same
    3.Kogama only sells models that you make on your map

  17. Not many people on this game speaks English who agrees?

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