Top 15 most played Kogama games 2012-2020 -

Top 15 most played Kogama games 2012-2020

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I hope you’re gonna enjoy this little masterpiece, took over 20 hours to get all of this data and create this animation. Subscribe for more videos 😀


  1. Ale nostalgia jaadupce, z tej strony spider335. Mialem pare mapek, pamietam ostrego, war4 kuzwa te love landy, to bylo piekne. Antonio ITA VIP SPARTAN, kamyczek 12g i inne osoby, alez to bylo piekne dziecinstwo … Teraz 19 lat :((

  2. i'm a 2012 player and 2012 to 2015 were the best years for me and then all the mass exploiting cheating hacking came and it's what first started to kill the mood and the fact that mods were allowing that made me sick

  3. As a december 2016 starting player (I didn't registered yet), I can see this as a nostalgia fuel

  4. war 4 kogama is populer 52.0987654 player in 2023

  5. Played Kogama games in 2023:War 4Some shitty adopt me gameThat's all

  6. As a 2016 player, some maps nostalgia hits harder than my dad belt like love land, escape from prison, world racing and the most important: war 4, I remember trying to make the exact same game lol the pain of having 0 skill with developing

  7. Nostalgia poprostu, aż łezka w oku się kręci, jak się grało touristem na mapie 🙂

  8. All the Kogama games lost so many visits for some reasonwar 4 has gone down to 20mand world racing is back at 6m

  9. I cant find Ostry anymore, did it got deleted?

  10. The good memories I had with this game in my childhood times makes me cry a little I'm 16 now 🙁

  11. Как ты делаешь такие видео скажи пожалуйста очень очень очень надо!!!

  12. hey i was gonna be the first to upload this vid

  13. meanwhile on kogama BR, most played game have 8.500.000 plays (Guerra de quatro mundos clique em ♥ Like)

  14. Do you know what I'd like to see next: The build mode version of some of your games.

  15. Can you do this challenge Put you mouse sentivy to 0 and play parkour :>

  16. the feel like Polish maps are like the most popular in KoGaMa
    teraz sie skapnąlem że ty to Surfifal pe el no ale git Nie

  17. Can i use this in my video? i wll credit you

  18. i'm glad for me and people who joined before 2017 who experienced the good quality graphics (not so but enjoyable nonetheless as HD water and blue reflection were gone in a few years later), thoses who joined 2011/2012/2013/2014 had less stuffs but i guess this is what made us happy as a early 2000s Gen z.

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