When you turn everything into a rap (meme) ROBLOX - imboxgame.com

When you turn everything into a rap (meme) ROBLOX

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∆Script By: HandN
∆Voiced By: Ronnie Cosmos
•Game Name: Brookhaven 🏡 RP

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When can’t stop rapping
When you turn everything into a song
When you rap for everything
When you start a rap battle with everyone
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  1. Bruh all i had to do was discover your channel then you became my favorite youtuber

  2. ur just rhyming i’m bout to rap.here’s a rap: hi lie🤡👹

  3. People say he's still rapping now he's dead

  4. Ima rap everything he rapped because I can.

    I'm not gonna be late schools in the same state just learn to wait and that's your fate

    Say "hi" to the bus plus you're so sus just don't make it a fuss

    Don't be a jerk, I'm not your clerk I needa perk to do the work

    No stop no cap, I wear a top bought it from a better shop😎 no way to swap

    Ding and Dong just sing a song It won't be long to prove you wrong

    Your lyrics are trash they leave people in a rash you're just wasting your time with your pathetic made up rhymes

    Thanks for your deal, bet it's a steal but I think my rap is better than a meal

    Best raps ever

  5. When I am the teacher I would say:
    Ugh that’s it I quit this job 😡

  6. Not goin to lie but it is annoying so stop

  7. The youtubers namr Of the voice is: markadaams

  8. Cmon we all used to rap when we were like 8 and we kept saying “ oh yeah” to look for some idea to rhyme

    Who ever used to do this comment or just like

  9. Bro im never subscribing to this video bro i watch this video to get headaches beacuase headaches hurt and pain in funnny

  10. how did yal come up with all these raps

  11. Step on metal with the microphone click and rappppo

  12. ngl these raps are insanely cool i love it and its halairious when i see people roast with these raps AND HE EVEN ROASTED HIS TEACHER LMAO

  13. im gonna be honest those raps are horrible, they sound like they came from the weird kid

  14. It’s not really a rap it’s the cat in the hat but not a cat

  15. I respect him for rapping in a family friendly way.

  16. I love that one so much please keep on making those rat videos I was laughing my butt out how funny that was

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